Level 2 Contact Approved Application Kernels - Approval with restriction & restricted renewal

EMV Approvals according to EMVCo Restricted Renewal policy

The following list contains application kernels for which EMVCo has granted an extension to the original Type Approval for a period of three years.

EMVCo Terminal Type Approval Level 2 addresses the conformance of the terminal resident application software in whole or in part that supports the required and optional EMV specification functionality.

EMVCo is pleased to announce the following Vendors Application Kernels have received EMVCo Terminal Type Level 2 approval.

3 Approved Kernels / 3 Vendors

Last Update: 10 January 2017



Fujitsu Technology Solutions, SA
Manuel Pino Salas
Camino Cerro de los Gamos, 1, Pozuelo de Alarc├│n, Madrid, 28224, SPAIN
FUJITSU EMV Application Kernel V1.20
As tested in: FUJITSU ATM
OS: Windows version XP
21661 0903 400 20 LGA
Expiry: 20-Jan-2017

Luc Porchon
Le Barjac, 1 Boulevard Victor, Paris, 75015, FRANCE
LVL2 Version 004V102
As tested in: EPSUM S40 (same as CAD30 range from Ingenico)
OS: Telium version Package System 10.46
Expiry: 17-Feb-2017

PayTec AG
Markus Gagliardi
Vogelsangstrasse 15,, Effretikon, CH-8307, SWITZERLAND
Paytec EMV Kernel Version 1.2.1
As tested in: PT-A101
OS: uTasker version 1.3
Expiry: 17-Feb-2017