This section stores EMVCo General bulletins with information about availability of new documents and EMVCo services.
Effective DateVersionDescription Download
September 20143rd EditionBulletin nº47, EMVCo ESD Test Evaluation Process for Terminals Official Release Download
November 20133rd EditionBulletin nº11, Lower Voltage Card Migration Mandatory Implementation Schedule Download
July 20114th EditionBulletin nº45, Public Release of the EMV Contactless Specifications Version 2.1 Download
October 20101st EditionBulletin nº46, EMVCo Work Efforts on ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) Download
October 20102nd EditionBulletin nº45, EMV Contactless Specifications [Book A, Book B] Draft Available for Comment Download
June 20101st EditionBulletin nº44, Specification Bulletin Release Process Download
November 20091st EditionBulletin nº43, EMVCo Common Contactless Terminal Roadmap Download
October 20091st EditionBulletin nº42, EMVCo Type Approval Restricted Renewal Process for Kernels and IFMs Download
July 20091st EditionBulletin nº41, Query to Contactless Vendors Download
July 20091st EditionBulletin nº40, EMV Contactless Specifications for Payment Systems – Contactless Communication Protocol – v2.0.1 Download
February 20091st EditionBulletin nº38, EMVCo Subscription Programme Download
December 20081st EditionBulletin nº37, EMVCo Contactless level 1 Process Download
October 20081st EditionBulletin nº39, EMVCo Contactless Level 1 Process - Availability of the EMVCo Contactless Level 1 Test Equipment Download
October 20082nd EditionBulletin nº34, EMVCo Terminal Approval Download
August 20081st EditionBulletin nº36, EMVCo Contactless Level 1 Process Download
July 2008N/ABulletin nº3, Accredited Laboratories Download
July 20081st EditionBulletin nº34, EMVCo Terminal Approval - Renewal Policy for Kernels and IFMs Download
June 20081.0Bulletin nº35, Consolidated EMV 4.2 Specification announcement Download
December 2007N/ABulletin nº33, Change of EMVCo, LLC Bank Account Download
February 2007N.A.Bulletin nº11, Second Edition - Lower Voltage Card Migration Mandatory Implementation Schedule Download
June 2006N/ABulletin nº31, EMV Level 2 Download
January 2006N/ABulletin nº30, EMVCo Posting of Bulletins and Notes Download
October 2005N/ABulletin nº28, EMVCo Terminal Testing Policy Download
July 2005N/ABulletin nº26, Common Payment Application Specification - Version 1.0 * D R A F T * Download
December 20041.0Bulletin nº24, Type Approval Policy for EMV 4.1 Download
December 2004N/ABulletin nº23, EMV Level 2 PIN Pad Change Process Download
September 2004N/ABulletin nº22, EMV Level 2 Multiple Configuration Kernel Testing - Introduction to requirements and procedures Download
June 20040.2Bulletin nº14, Migration Schedule for New CVM Condition Codes Download
June 20041.0Bulletin nº20, Consolidated EMV 4.1 Specification announcement Download
June 20042.0Bulletin nº21, Interoperability Reports announcement Download
March 2004N/ABulletin nº18, IFM and Application Kernel Retention Policy Download
November 2001N/ABulletin nº9, EMVCo Accredited Laboratories status: EMV Level 1 and 2 Download
December 2000N/ABulletin nº7, EMV 2000 Specifications Now Available Download